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RSE Update – February 26, 2016

Lots of exciting things are happening!

If you haven’t bought your copy of the NEW SCHOOL ROYALY 4.0: ROYAL COURT CD (2016, NSR Music Group), please head on over to Facebook or Twitter and send a message to Angel Mena. There are only a limited number of CDs left before it sells out and you don’t want to miss out! I want to thank Angel Mena for the opportunity and honor to be a part of this project. The support from fans and DJs for NSR 4 has been incredible!

The maxi-single for the 2016 RSE Remix of “Lost Cause” by Latino Rosario will be available at all major digital music stores on March 4, 2016. But… it is available to purchase RIGHT NOW, exclusively from the RSE store!

Speaking of the RSE Store, I just added a FAQ to answer any technical questions you might have.

Also be on the lookout for the new single “The Great Deceiver” by Carlos Escalante – coming soon from 729 Recordings/LionMade Entertainment. I just did a remix for the upcoming single and early response from DJs has been positive. 🙂

Thank you!!!

Until next time…

– Rhoq

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The highly anticipated new compilation NEW SCHOOL ROYALTY VOLUME 4.0: ROYAL COURT from Angel Mena/N.S.R. Music Group is now available, exclusively on limited edition CD.

To order your copy, please contact Angel Mena by sending him a message on Facebook via his inbox or @AngelMenaNSR on Twitter via Direct Message. He will email you an invoice for the CD.

NSR 4 CDs will begin shipping this coming Monday – February 22, 2016. Order yours today to guarantee you don’t miss out on this limited edition CD!

UPDATE: The CD is now sold out!!!

It is truly an honor to be a part of this release. Thank you Angel!


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Coming Soon: “Lost Cause” by Latino Rosario (2016 RSE Remix)

Over the last two years a lot of people have asked me about the possibility of a single for “Lost Cause” by Latino Rosario. I had been kicking around the idea of doing a remix for a while now. It wasn’t until a few days ago that I had a chance to sit down and play around with it. It came together really quickly and I like the updated sound. The original version was really old school and slow. I wanted this one to have a more new school and electronic feel. I also bumped the BPM up to 125 from 118. Check it out.

For fans of the original version of “Lost Cause”, I have decided to include it on the single at the new, faster 125 BPM as “Rhoq’s Old School 125 Classic Mix” along with some bonus beats for both the classic and remixed versions.

The single will be released on March 4, 2016 and will be available via the RSE Store, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, CD Baby, etc.

1. Lost Cause (2016 RSE Remix) – 5:30
2. Lost Cause (Rhoq’s Old School 125 Classic Mix) – 5:36
3. Lost Cause (2016 RSE Remix – Radio Edit) – 4:20
4. Lost Cause (Accapella) – 4:43
5. Lost Cause (Classic Beats) – 1:52
6. Lost Cause (Remix Bonus) – 1:43