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RSE Update – May 27, 2015

Just a quick update. I believe I have fixed all of the broken images and links. The site should now be operating exactly as it did on the old server using the url.

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“Break Away” by Angel Mena

Available May 26, 2015 via all major digital music stores from NSR Music Group!

“Break Away” by Angel Mena


iTunes · Google Play · Amazon

Track Listing
1. “Break Away”
2. “Break Away” (NSR Rework)
3. “Break Away” (Rhoq Solid Remix)
4. “Break Away” (Instrumental)
5. “Break Away” (Pad-Apella)

“Break Away”
Written by Nick Colon
Music Written, Arranged and Produced by Angel Mena
All Vocals by Angel Mena
Remix – Music Written, Arranged and Produced by Rhoq for Rhoq Solid Entertainment
Mixed and Mastered by Angel Mena for NSR Music Group
© 2015 NSR Music Group

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RSE Update – May 26, 2015

Hi Everyone,

I apologize for the extended downtime. As you can see from the URL, the RSE website is currently running as a sub-domain. About 2 months I ago, I migrated the entire NHB network of sites over to a new webhost and at that time decided to operate RSE as a subdomain of our parent site. This created issues with the WordPress database restore. It gave me a headache so I just stopped trying for a few weeks. LOL.

Thanks for your patience. There are many broken images/links that I will fix over the next week or two. Other than that WE’RE BACK!


– Rhoq