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Coming Soon: “It’s Not Right” by KennyFreestyle


I’ve been a fan of Kenny’s ever since I first heard his song “Stay With Me” back in 1996 on Slammin’ Sam Maxion’s Slammin’ Compilation, Vol. 1 EP. He and I had “met” online when he was involved with Sidebusters Intertainment in the early 2000s and lost touch. 15 years later Facebook has brought us back together.

I’m happy to announce the first new single from RSE for 2015: “It’s Not Right” by KennyFreestyle. The song is almost finished and I expect that we’ll have it in your hands sometime next month (February 2015).

“It’s Not Right” by KennyFreestyle
Music Written, Arranged and Produced by Rhoq for Rhoq Solid Entertainment
Lyrics, Vocal Arrangement and All Vocals by Kenny Moulton
Vocals Produced and Recorded by Kenny Moulton
Vocals Mixed and Edited by Rhoq
Multi-Edits by Rhoq