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RSE Update – September 23, 2014

Just a quick update. As promised, I’ve set dates for the upcoming remastered single re-releases.

October 14, 2014: “I Was Lost” by Wilson (1 version: Extended Club Mix)

November 11, 2014: “The Reason” by Joey Tee (2 Versions: Club Mix and Miami Mix)

Both songs were previously available in a limited capacity and sold only through the RSE website. For the first time, these songs will be available to purchase through all major digital music stores.


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Special Thanks to YOU!!!

I check CD Baby several times per week for new music. It’s a great place to hear/buy new and interesting things and support your favorite independent artists, no matter the genre.

While browsing the Freestyle section, I noticed that “Another Love” was listed among their top sellers and I just wanted to say “Thank You” to you, the fans!

None of this would be possible without your support and I am truly grateful for the love you are showing for this release.

CDBaby9-10-14 CDBaby9-10-14pt2

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RSE Update – September 4, 2014

Earlier this week on September 2nd I finally released “Another Love” by Denine. It had been seven years of near weekly emails and messages asking me when I would release the song. I just want to thank everyone who has purchased the single already. I also want to thank everyone for their kind words regarding the song. I’m so very happy that people are enjoying it. It is the first release featuring a song written entirely by me. To have it be received so warmly by so many people is one of the best feelings I have ever experienced. Thank you guys so much!

I’ve also updated the site with a new look and added a item to the top menu called Friends of RSE. This new page serves a dual purpose. First, I wanted a place where I could thank the DJs and other sites who have supported RSE over the years as well as provide links to their sites & services so they can be enjoyed by the masses.

I am currently in the process of updating the RSE Catalog/Release Schedule with links in the “Status” column that will take you a page on the site that will provide you with links to purchase RSE music from iTunes, Google Play, CD Baby and Amazon. Most have been updated already, but there are a few more that I will get to before the end of the week.

Before I finish this update: The RSE Classics Remastered Series will be the next batch of releases beginning with “I Was Lost” (Extended Club Mix) by Wilson sometime in October and followed by “The Reason” by Joey Tee (Club Mix and Miami Mix) in November. This series will not be limited to just remastering & reissuing past releases, but will also include some previously unreleased material like “Another Lie” by Wilson. I hope to be able to pull a few other surprises out from the “vault”. Time will tell.

Look for a new RSE Update in a few weeks. By then I should have a release date figured out for October.

– Rhoq

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Now Available: “Another Love” by R.S.E. featuring Denine

Available September 2, 2014 via all major digital music stores!

Denine-AnotherLoveR.S.E. featuring Denine – “Another Love” (Maxi-Single)

Buy: iTunes · Google Play · CD Baby · Amazon

Track Listing
1. Club Mix
2. Radio Edit
3. Remix
4. Acapella
5. Bonus Beats

“Another Love” by R.S.E. featuring Denine

Music Written, Arranged and Produced by Rhoq
Lyrics and Vocal Arrangement Written by Rhoq
All Vocals by Denine

People have been asking me about this song for years. The answer to your question (When will “Another Love” finally be released?) is September 2, 2014!

For those curious about how this song came to be, here is the back-story: I had started writing “Another Love” sometime in 2000. For those who frequented Club Freestyle dot com back in the day, you might remember a thread where some users posted lyrics and encouraged other members to submit ideas to help finish writing their songs. I had a bit of “writer’s block” at the time. I knew I was on the verge of something great, but I just couldn’t come up with anything else. So I posted the first verse, bridge and chorus of “Another Love” to see if anyone else could come up with something equally as good to continue and/or complete the song. One or two people shared some ideas. Some were good, but they never totally clicked with me. A year or two later, I finished writing the song myself.

In 2003, I started to seriously get into production and I wanted my first project to be “Another Love”. It was going to be sung by an unknown artist making her debut. We recorded a few demos, but it just wasn’t right. I don’t quite recall if the issue was the music not being right on my end, or her vocals not being a good fit. I’m guessing I was unhappy with the music, but it was so long ago, I honestly don’t remember. Anyways, this artist was a girlfriend of a friend and when they broke up, it was the end of our working relationship.

Flash forward to 2006. Denine had contacted me through one of the Freestyle message boards (probably Club Freestyle, but I don’t really remember) and said she was interested in possibly working together. Mike Fiscaro from the Music Factory in Sewell, NJ referred her to me. He knew that we (Total Kaos Records) were looking for artists and thought it would be a good fit. She was no longer affiliated with Adam Marano/Viper and with Tazmania no longer around at the time, she was more or less a free agent looking to work with new people. She had been inactive for a few years and was looking to get back out there to perform. The first thing I did for her was a new show mix. After that, we discussed recording a song together. I gave her the demo version of “Another Love” that had been recorded in 2003 and she agreed to sing it. Unfortunately, after we recorded the song together we fell out of touch. She returned in 2011 with a new house song (“What Happened To Love”) on the relaunched Tazmania Records.

To this day, “Another Love” is the first and only song of mine that has been recorded by someone. I’ve literally written 100s of songs over the last 25 years. Of those hundreds, maybe 20 to 30 are anything special. “Another Love” is one of those special few. I hope you guys find that the wait has been worth it.

– Rhoq