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Available August 18, 2017: “Lost” by Audi Medina

“Lost” by Audi Medina will be available for purchase at all major digital music stores on August 18, 2017

1. Club Mix (6:23)
2. For The DJs Extended Club Mix (8:28)
3. Lost In Miami Mix (7:56)
4. Synthapella (6:23)
5. Radio Edit (4:33)
6. Miami Radio (4:47)

We’ve recorded a second song called “Red Stripes”, which will be released at some point in the future. Thank you everyone for your patience and support.

“Lost” is for the hardcore Freestyle fans and “Red Stripes” is for those that like a more modern sound that crosses different genres.

Here is a preview of “Lost” and Audi’s upcoming single “Red Stripes”
1. “Lost” (Club Mix – Sample)
2. “Lost” (Lost In Miami Mix – Sample)
3. “Red Stripes” (Original Freestyle Mix – Sample)
4. “Red Stripes” (RSE EDM/House Remix – Sample)

All Music Written, Arranged and Produced by Rhoq for Rhoq Solid Entertainment
All Lyrics and Vocal Arrangements Written by Aurelia “Audi” Medina
All Vocals by Audi Medina
Vocals Recorded by Rob Federici at The Polygon – Cherry Hill, NJ

Solid As A Rhoq Music (ASCAP)
© 2017 Aurelia Medina and Brad Warsaw/Rhoq Solid Entertainment

Audi Medina is a talented 17-year-old singer-songwriter currently residing in the Philadelphia, PA area and has been recording and performing her own R&B/Hip-Hop songs for several years. Growing up, Audi had always heard her parents listening to Freestyle music and wanted to record something in honor of the music that they love. Rhoq Solid Entertainment is proud to introduce Audi Medina: Making her Freestyle debut with her hard-hitting, Old School inspired Freestyle song “Lost”.

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RSE Update – May 2, 2017

Hi Everyone,

I know it’s been a long time since the last update. I just wanted to share a bit of news for those who have been patiently waiting on new music from RSE. If you follow us on SoundCloud, you may have heard a sample of a demo that I had posted a few months ago for a new song called “Lost” by Audi Medina.

Audi is a brand-new artist, making her Freestyle debut! The vocals will be rerecorded soon and the song should be released just in time for the Summer. I’m really excited about this one and I hope you are, too!

Thank you for all of your support.

– Rhoq

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Coming Soon: This Is Freestyle 2017 (Artistik Recordings)

Coming in April 18, 2017 from Artistik Recordings: The new Freestyle compilation album THIS IS FREESTYLE 2017 featuring the latest collaboration between RSE and NSR – “I’m Done With Love” by Angel Mena

1. Willie Valentin – No One Like You (Original Radio Mix)
2. Synthia Figueroa – Look Inside My Heart
3. Jasmine Denis – I Fell In Love
4. Angel Mena – I’m Done With Love
5. Quadlibet – Set Me Free
6. Lily Rose – Be The One
7. Tony Armaz – No Podras
8. George Anthony – Chance To Love
9. Sammy Zone – Anything
10. Alex Zuniga – Better Than Me (West Coast Mix)
11. Taina – Toxic (Valentin Remix)
12. Lorenzo D’Lan – So Tell Me
13. Willie Valentin – No One Like You (Pretty West Coast Mix)
14. Synthia Figueroa – Look Inside My Heart (‘80s Remix)
15. Sammy Zone & George Anthony – Anything (Spanglish Rework)
16. Willie Valentin – No One Like You (Club Edit Mix)
17. Synthia Figueroa – Look Inside My Heart (NSR Remix)

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Coming Soon: “Foolish” by Latino Rosario (The 2017 RSE Remix)

Available December 2, 2016 at all major digital music stores:

The 2017 RSE Remix of “Foolish”. The original version was featured on Latino Rosario’s 2014 album MY WORLD.

“Foolish” by Latino Rosario (The 2017 RSE Remix) – 4:57
Music Written, Arranged and Produced by Rhoq for Rhoq Solid Entertainment
Lyrics and Vocal Arrangement by Alfredo Rosario
All Vocals by Alfredo Rosario
Multi-Edits by Rhoq

Published by Solid As A Rhoq Music (ASCAP)
© 2016 Rhoq Solid Entertainment

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Coming Soon: “Lost Cause” by Latino Rosario (2016 RSE Remix)

Over the last two years a lot of people have asked me about the possibility of a single for “Lost Cause” by Latino Rosario. I had been kicking around the idea of doing a remix for a while now. It wasn’t until a few days ago that I had a chance to sit down and play around with it. It came together really quickly and I like the updated sound. The original version was really old school and slow. I wanted this one to have a more new school and electronic feel. I also bumped the BPM up to 125 from 118. Check it out.

For fans of the original version of “Lost Cause”, I have decided to include it on the single at the new, faster 125 BPM as “Rhoq’s Old School 125 Classic Mix” along with some bonus beats for both the classic and remixed versions.

The single will be released on March 4, 2016 and will be available via the RSE Store, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, CD Baby, etc.

1. Lost Cause (2016 RSE Remix) – 5:30
2. Lost Cause (Rhoq’s Old School 125 Classic Mix) – 5:36
3. Lost Cause (2016 RSE Remix – Radio Edit) – 4:20
4. Lost Cause (Accapella) – 4:43
5. Lost Cause (Classic Beats) – 1:52
6. Lost Cause (Remix Bonus) – 1:43

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“The Nights We Shared” by Angel Mena

I just wanted to say thank you to the DJs who are supporting Angel Mena’s new single “The Nights We Shared” and the fans who have been spreading the word and reaching out with all of their kind words! I also want to thank CPR Jose Ortiz of CPR’s ClubHouse and Andre Faria of SixCentz Radio for being the first to break the single on FM and internet radio.

Paying homage to this Freestyle classic really took me out of my comfort zone, being my first real attempt at a remake. I want to thank Angel Mena for the challenge and for the extra work he put in on the production side to really make the track shine!

The song will be featured on the upcoming compilation NEW SCHOOL ROYALTY 4.0: ROYAL COURT – available very soon from NSR Music Group.

More samples from NSR Vol. 4 can be heard on Angel Mena’s SoundCloud page: